People Operations


Our Services

Customizable Dashboards


    • Attendance Dashboards
    • Performance Dashboards
    • Finance Dashboards

Full-Cycle Engagement Planning Program

  • Program Outline
  • Budget Dashboard
  • Inventory Tracker
  • Vendor Listing Report
  • Expense Tracker
  • 6 months of customizable engagement calendars

Diversity & Inclusion Program

  • Program Outline
  • Program Start-Up Kit
  • Demographic Analysis Dashboard
  • 30 Days of Weekly Rotational Team Building Exercises

Coaching & Mentoring Program

  • Program Outline
  • Program Start-Up Kit
  • Coach & Mentor Training Presentation
  • Accountability Tracker
  • Meeting Guide

Leadership Training & Development Program

  • Training & Development Guide
  • Meeting Guide for Leadership
  • Project Tracker
  • Project Summary
  • Incentive Plan

Accounting Program (For Transportation Only)

  • Business Model
  • Cost Analysis
  • Customized Invoice Template

Hello, I’m Winnie D. Talley

The founder and Chief Executive Officer

My purpose in life is to be a mirror that helps people see their self-worth and to provide direction for organization’s workforce so that they see their people as humans and not numbers. I have spent over a decade partnering with organizations and introducing them to tools and mechanisms that not only lead to success but also created a long-term positive change. Having worked with some commendable companies that has been name as the largest certified minority owned BPO in the United States and the world’s largest company by revenue, I know what it takes to have an effective and productive workforce.


People Operations Services was birth with love and compassion for the people. Our core values are humanity, collaboration, and trust. We understand that the people are the heartbeats of the operation, and without them, nothing moves. We believe that people need jobs, and jobs need people. We acknowledge that organizations must trust its people and the people must trust the organization. Our team of professionals are well-rounded individuals that are equipped and has designed a program that works for your organization.


We are the best in our field, and it’s all thanks to the incredible relationships we’ve formed with our clients. Unlike our competitors, we’re invested in developing a personal connection with all our customers, by providing quality service and being available and reliable. We look forward to working with you.